Our founder developed the following software innovations and early AI applications.

  • Joint Venture Hubs (previously the Pie Finance) was an innovative platform to enable start up companies to use peer-to-peer resourcing (underutilised time and assets). Launched in 2007, it was a forerunner to many other ‘sharing economy’ platforms and very much ahead of it’s times. The solution – accessible via the link in the menu – is still very relavant for open innovation and other applications. It is available to brands for white label sale or licence.
  • Generic Mapping Module to generate code to implement for broker feeds into Oracle Finanicals from disparate 3rd party systems according to user inputs. This was designed, built and implemented back in 1998 using dynamic SQL- the forerunner to today’s AI – for GE Capital. As per the LinkedIn recommendation below, it was extremely well received and widely rolled out over a number of GE group companies.