Sales and Marketing Robots

Buzz Technology have developed a modular sales and marketing robotics solution (PATENTS PENDING) to help brands to create or maintain an offline presence. The robots offer a rich variety of both form factors and functionality which can be customised to your requirements:

  1. PRODUCT – sampling and vending capability
  2. ENGAGEMENT – AI voice conversation without wake up words that works even in noisy environments.
  3. DATA CAPTURE and INFORMATION via a screen and/or QR codes.
  4. SALES either subscription sign up or vending capabilities.
  5. FORM FACTOR – customisable. We can create anything from a moving billboard, a character to fit your brand (icon, characters or logo) or offer humanoid (male and female) forms.

The images below show just a few of our product solutions. Please use our CONTACT FORM to request information on our full range, capabilities and a free consultation.



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