About Us

Buzz Technology is a London based company with an extensive network of specialists, manufacturing and distribution contacts.

Our team have wide ranging experience in the design of production line machinery, robotics, 3D printing, ERP based information systems, market aligned products and business processes.

Previous Projects

The images below show some of our previous projects:

  • Bespoke production line machinery
  • Drone-in-a-phone
  • Business systems and process design – Oracle ERP focus

Production Line Machinery

Our team have designed and manufactured for blue chip clients in the food and construction products sectors.

Drone-in-a-Phone case

A tethered micro drone to be stored within and powered from a smartphone charging case.

This product concept secured Senake Atureliya, our CEO, a nomination for the British Inventor of Year Awards from the Gadget Show team. He had the idea for after losing his own micro drone Xmas present to a gust of wind.

Despite the concept going viral, further development and commercialisation was abandoned as technical constraints of the time would have led to the creation of a sub standard product.