Here at Buzz Technology, we are all about products and services that aim to improve the world for future generations:

  • To protect the environment for future generations or helping them relocate to others that can sustain life.
  • To reduce inequality, encourage and enable productivity in all whilst maintaining or increasing quality of life with consumer or community owned automation.
  • To maximise efficiency for the common good. We believe that this is best done by minimising the duplication of effort and enabling the use of underutilised time and assets to fund innovation.

Our products embody these principles:

  • Our robotics products are aimed at creating market opportunities, engaging people in education and improving quality of life.
  • Our product assembling and electrical circuit printing technology for 3D printers combined with our collaborative product development platform aim to support the creation and spread best of breed ideas. By helping to putting the rewards within reach, we hope to encourage more people to refocus on creating cutting edge science and technology solutions.

We have put a lot of work into aligning our solutions with the interests of enabling parties – innovators and investors, consumers and producers, employees and employers. If you are interested in finding out more, getting involved with our developments, then do please get in touch via our contact page.


Our Team

Our team comprises of the following talented individuals

SA – CEO (design and sales) – the founder of Buzz Technology is an experienced electromechanical engineer and serial entrepreneur. His first – angel funded -business, MSA Engineering systems Limited designed and manufactured production line machinery for the food and construction products sectors. Further experience scaling up production was acquired with Buzz Technology – a company originally set up to offer cutting edge (ERP) systems solutions to companies in a wide range of sectors. SA holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Southampton University.

FS – Lead Designer (electronics and software) – a talented maker and hacker, FS has developed many innovations in the electronics and software including a low cost method of driving stepper motors. He holds a degree in Materials Engineering from Oxford University.

RM – Roboticist – has many years of experience designing and implementing production line robotics globally for Fanuc and other industry leading firms. As a hobbyist, he has single handedly won prestigious autonomous robot competitions against well funded corporate teams.

SA2 – Materials Scientist – before moving onto blue sky research as a Scientist with Courtaulds, he worked with their Advanced Materials Department on ground breaking projects including the first carbon fibre brake disks (on the Benneton F1 car). He has a degree in Materials Engineering from Queen Mary College, London University.

EC – Community Builder – is a 3D printed product designer and enthusiast with significant experience in both FDM and SLA resin) printing. He will play a crucial role supporting and guiding those who buy our machines or train with us as next generation designers.

XX – Legal Advisors – we have a contingency fee based legal firm (name undisclosed) in place to help negotiate licencing and pursue those that infringe on our IP rights.

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