Recently selected as a Finalist in the British Inventors Project awards by the Gadget Show LIVE! team, we are just completing the development on this product and are aiming to launch on Kickstarter in September 2016. To be notified when we are ready to launch so that you can try and get an early-bird offer, please leave us your contact details below:

More details on the product (patents pending, design registered) can be found below.


This shows an early prototype with our fold away rotor design – these move into flight position when the drone is removed from the case. A bigger battery and smaller reel will be used in the final version.


We were inspired to create the drone-in-a-phone case with a number of benefits:



To create a drone with the benefits listed above, we decided to go tethered and move all of the heavy items (batteries and some electronics) out of the drone and into a battery case. This allowed us to create an ultra lightweight, ultra small drone. Power would be supplied up the tether to the drone and image signals back down it into the phone case. A large battery in the case could both be used as a back up for your phone and give long flight times for the drone. The tether would stop the unit blowing away in the wind.



We have built a number of prototypes of with fold away motors/props, tested the live phone and video feed into the phone case, investigated methods of getting it into the phone and filed patents on a number of key innovations. We are still working to optimise the mechanical, electronic and software design before getting updated quotes for manufacture. We estimate that we will be ready to launch on Kickstarter in late Q3 2016.



Whilst we do already have an experienced team, funding and a shortlist of manufacturers, we are interested in optimising our commercial offering and fast tracking this product to market, so do please get in touch with us if you are any of the following:

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