Low Cost Green Energy and 2nd Use Packaging Solutions

Patents pending / designs registered. Customers, partners and investors sought.

We have carried out research and development into a next generation of food, drink and non-food packaging that is designed to be 2nd used as components. If adopted by the major brands, these would motivate consumers to keep and reuse used packaging rather then discard it. It could offer the following economic, environmental and social benefits:

  • To enable the widespread uptake of currently unjustifiable, climate and money saving products such as domestic wind and thermal solar heating solutions.
  • To enable the faster, low cost build of larger home manufactured products that include the spent packaging and 3D printed parts.

We have produced some designs for both the packaging and products that could be made from it. Please find images of some of these below.

The next steps are:

  1. to on board the major brands
  2. to optimise the designs for both the packaging and products that can be made from it using crowd sourcing
  3. to produce functional prototypes for technical and market testing.

Progress to date

Onewaysailprototype  photo (12)

Domestic wind turbine shown at Brighton Makerfaire- suspended from the ceiling with a ‘tree and leaves’ design. Our one way sail turbine works on a similar principle to the disk type turbine shown in this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCSnq8tksgs. Being of a horizontal axis design it is especially suited to deriving power from turbulent air flows coming from any direction – the norm in urban environments.

SolarTubeBottleFILED SpiralWireBottleFILED StepCup2of2_REFILED

Registered designs – available to licence – for the packaging needed to build domestic wind turbines and thermal solar panels. End-to-end (screw in) and side-to-side (electrofusion)  jointable. Designed to take pressure and vacuum.

IMG_0831 image (14)


Significant interest in the technology at events. See our interview from 1:29 onwards in the above TV coverage of Brighton Makerfaire.

Objective2b Objective2d  IndigogoWindImage3


ThreeBottleWindTurbineMast Onewaysailprototype2 Rough mock up of a PET bottle with screw in base

Early prototypes














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