Investment Opportunities

Buzz Technology Limited (EIS approved) and DogBot Technology Limited (SEIS approved) are currently raising an initial round of investment to fast track the commercialization of two product lines based upon our extensively developed robotics and 3D printing technologies:

  1. Robotics to improve the affordability and availability of elderly care.
  2. A new approach to hardware product manufacturing with significant environmental, social and economic benefits for consumers, investors, brands and retailers.

Investment will be raised on the FCA approved using the SEEDLEGALS platform.

We already have significant commercial interest and an offer of cornerstone investment from a specialist fund. If you are an investor interested in supporting a revolutionary new way of creating a new generation of greener, more innovative and equitable products – PLEASE FILL IN AND SUBMIT THE INFORMATION REQUEST FORM BELOW.

The images below show some of our early 3D prototypes. Please fill in the form below to receive more details of these opportunities and our upcoming launch events will be sent to you in due course.




Some of the world’s most valuable, fastest growing companies are those that provide the tools to create, monetise and distribute USER GENERATED CONTENT…YouTube for VIDEO, Instagram for IMAGES, Android for MOBILE APPS. We believe that the next big thing in USER GENERATED CONTENT creation will be…DECENTRALISED MANUFACTURING enabled by the Buzz Technology patent pending hardware and platform solution. The aim of our technology is to enable more innovation to get to market leading to the creation of whole new products and sectors to benefit consumers as well as forward thinking, brands, retailers and investors.

Our extensively developed solution are targeted at both B2B (sales, marketing, vending, foodservice and elderly care) and B2C (food preparation and other household chores) customers.

Please use the form below to request updates as they become available and see the more detailed information below.


Why is it needed?

Our extensively built and tested solution addresses some key drawbacks of centralised mass production –

TO REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION – huge amounts of plastics and electrical waste.
TO TACKLE SOCIAL UNREST – off shoring has created mass unemployment and inequality.
TO ENCOURAGE STEM EDUCATION – by making creativity & engineering more lucrative.

China, the world biggest exporter of consumable electrical and electronic consumer products has recently banned imports of waste as this cannot be efficiently and cost effectively be recycled. Contaminated with different polymers and additives, less than 5% of plastics get recycled despite much more being collected. A gradual rise in social unrest can be seen in the form or Brexit and trade barriers going up.


How Does It Work?

Our solution comprises of four elements –

+ A COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM for product development and distribution.
+ AFFORDABLE ROBOTICS to enable the local manufacture of products.
+ A PLATFORM TOKEN – to enables investors, brands and retailers to back product teams and acquire the rights to future revenue shares.

+ AN INNOVATIVE VALUE CAPTURE SYSTEM to enable the generation of more revenue with less product volume.


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