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*Support a solution to create a new generation of greener, more innovative and equitable products – see details & images below.

Blockchain & Robotics Enabled Decentralised manufacturing

Some of the world’s most valuable, fastest growing companies are those that provide the tools to create, monetise and distribute USER GENERATED CONTENT –

We believe that the next big thing in USER GENERATED CONTENT creation will be –

The solution in based around our kitchen/workshop robot that we aim to launch in late 2018. In addition to single item or small batch manufacturing, it will be able to carry out many other tasks in the home and business – prepare healthy meals, market and sell products.

A collaborative product design platform that we have also built enables innovators to assemble teams to develop and test world class products that could be ordered online and produced anywhere in the world by the our robot in local schools, cafes, shops and homes. Our cryptocurrency token would enable investors to fund product teams in exchange for acquiring rights to future revenue shares. As more products are created and sold through our platform, the value of the token would grow organically.


Why is it needed?

Our extensively built and tested solution addresses some key drawbacks of centralised mass production –

TO REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION – huge amounts of plastics and electrical waste.
TO TACKLE SOCIAL UNREST – off shoring has created mass unemployment and inequality.
TO ENCOURAGE STEM EDUCATION – by making creativity & engineering more lucrative.

China, the world biggest exporter of consumable electrical and electronic consumer products has recently banned imports of waste as this cannot be efficiently and cost effectively be recycled. Contaminated with different polymers and additives, less than 5% of plastics get recycled despite much more being collected. A gradual rise in social unrest can be seen in the form or Brexit and trade barriers going up.


How Does It Work?

Our solution comprises of three elements –

+ A COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM for product development and distribution.
+ AFFORDABLE ROBOTICS to enable the local manufacture of products in schools, cafes, shops and homes.
+ A TOKEN – to enables investors back product teams and acquire the rights to future revenue shares.

Our Whitepaper outlines the process in detail and also gives (some) details of how we have addressed the current shortcomings of today’s  low cost home, higher cost professional (and even more costly industrial) 3D printers listed below –

PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY – today’s 3D printers can only produce inanimate plastic objects.
SPEED – both plastic extrusion and resin are very slow taking hours to print a single part or object
PART COSTS – the produced parts are very expensive compared to centrally mass produced equivalents
LABOUR COSTS – many machines are still unreliable and require set up/calibration/loading/unloading.
FIT & FINISH – 3D printed parts do not have the precise fit and finish that consumers have come to expect.

We imagine a future where people have product assembling 3D printers being used to purchase and create functional products in their homes, whilst supporting a ‘Fair Source’ economy of global designers. Please find footage of some of our older prototypes and diagrams explaining the solution below.

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(1) Our 2015 prototype – wall folding product assembling 3D printer


(2) Our 2013 proof of concept on our first Rostock Max v1.0 delta 3D printer



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