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Here at Buzz Technology, we have worked with both open and closed source approaches to take innovations to market. In our opinion, that an interim solution is needed to address the shortcomings of both ecosystems until a more efficient reward system – the Compopoly – is in place.

The open source movement has undoubtedly been primarily responsible to the widespread adoption of 3D printing and the fast tracking of innovative development in this area.


Open Source



We have contributed to the RepRap community  in the following posts, but have also seen much created by innovators exploited by low cost base manufacturers with little or no payback.

  1. Use of MIG welding equipment as a low cost metal printing solution
  2. A conversation that contributed to the creation of the bounty system on the RepRap web site.


Closed Source

Patents and registered designs – including some which we have filed – do restrict the fast tracking of innovation and the democratisation of design. Both things that are needed to tackle the significant environmental, space travel and other challenges that have yet to be met.

It is for this reason, that we are proposing a more productive ecosystem:


Fair Source…which could lead to a Compopoly


To further significantly increase efficiency and productivity, we need to eliminate parallel research and development, then ensure that as many requirements are fulfilled as possible using the most efficient solution.

Standardisation has almost always increase efficiency. The standard shipping container paved the way for significantly lower transportation costs and globalisation. Opening up the smart phone operating system and transparently offering grassroots developers a revenue share has dramatically reduced the price of software and increased our personal productivity.

We are proposing something very similar. Between 2008 and 2012, we built a task and reward sharing system that allows that could be linked into the myriad of online e-commerce sites and payment gateways to ensure that those who created the value in a product or service could transparently receive a commensurate payment. Rather than subjecting us to a deluge of marketing messages, individuals and businesses could collaborate to better support us by working together to fulfill our immediate needs and let us know about other things that we might want. Similarly, if they agreed, existing patent holders could be offered a fair share of revenues for products sold, no matter who produced or sold them, then the efforts of those wasting time looking to compete by finding a workaround could instead build on the patented solution to create an even more value adding product. Investors could fund a combination of producers in a sector for predictable returns of back specific research and development activity for more speculative gains – without the duplication of the current system, the overall ROI should be better.

Eventually, the current costly and inefficient patent solution could be replaced by a catalogue of products, options together with their cost of manufacture and the technology that goes into them.

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