Next Generation 3D Print and Assembly Machines


FAST FORWARD INTO THE FUTURE with our Robotic Assembling 3D Printers

There’s never been a better time for makers to develop and sell the things they make. 3D printing technology has filtered down to you and I, and is no longer the domain of major companies. The revolution is moving at an alarming rate, printers are being developed that can produce larger and higher resolution objects. The unfortunate thing is many things made by 3D printers are just objects.

We at Buzz Technology have been thinking ahead of the game. For 3D printing to be truly valuable they need to produce products with functionality. It’d be a while before 3D printers can print electronics, structural re-enforcements and soft materials, but using a system of modules and a patent pending assembly method we can fast forward into the future.

We imagine a future where people have product assembling 3D printers being used to purchase and create functional products in their homes, whilst supporting a ‘Fair Source’ economy of global designers. Right now, you have an opportunity, to help us make you, a leader in this future marketplace. We are looking for people interested in designing products that use the technology we have developed, producing anything from toys and kitchen appliances to furniture and architectural features.

Our swarming micro robotics is designed to enable multiple heads to work together to 3D print, pick, place, paint and do a whole load of other things to produce an assembled product – whilst you sleep.

Please find footage and diagrams explaining the solution together with some images of our prototypes below.





(1) The Industrial Revolution III



(2) Retrofit kit on a Rostock Max delta 3D printer


(3) Retrofit robotic assembly kit development for the BeeTheFirst 3D printer


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