Our 3D Printed Housing Solution (patents pending)


EQUITY OPPORTUNITY FOR ARCHITECTS & HOUSE BUILDERS: We are currently looking for clients, partners and investors to take this technology to the next stage. If you build a home that showcases our technology or refer us to someone who will, we will repay you with a stake in our potentially global 3D printed construction machinery company* – please get in touch to discuss.

All of the 3D printed housing solutions currently being put forward use the technology to replicate the way in which we build now. We have developed a construction solution that really leverages the benefits of 3D printing to give significant economic, environmental and financial benefits by (1) the reuse of excavated clay or (2) centralised mass production enabled by over land & water shipping ability.

*Subject to contract



#1 – Green Roofed – To Optimise Land Usage & Enable Healthy Living

+ Each home features an exciting ‘activity garden’ enabling climbing, sliding and skiing!

+ Apartments can be constructed with their own garden and external front door.


#2 – Above Ground & Stacked

BuzzHouseMultiSphereINTERIOR1_11NOV2015 BuzzHouseMultiSphere1st2ndFloorsINTERIOR1_11NOV2015

Our patent pending low cost heavy lifting installation process allows multiple units to be stacked for higher density urban projects.

BuzzHouseMultiSphere1stFloorINTERIOR1_11NOV2015 BuzzHouseMultiSphereGrndFloorINTERIOR1_11NOV2015

The ultra futuristic three or four storey homes would be available in either 100 square metre (10.5 metre diameter) or 300 square metre  (15 metre diameter) formats. Units can be used individually or combined to give more space.



#1 – On Site – using excavated material

This uses excavated clay to build a (traditional rectangular or futuristic spherical) home at an estimated 30% less than the cost of a brick & tile property. The solution uses a patent pending solution to separate, de-water, dry and cure it in situ cutting back on both financial and environmental costs.

#2 – Centralised Mass Production

BuzzHouseFactoryShip16NOV2015 BuzzHouseInstallation1_12NOV2015

Producing spherically shaped to enable them to towed through the water and then rolled into position at the installation location.

  • Buildings can be mass produced in factory ships or waterside facilities and then floated through the sea and along rivers into an installation location.
  • Raw materials – river bed mineral clay or sea bed sand – are cheaply and easily available. In fact, river bed clay often needs to be disposed of at significant cost.
  • The manufacturing locations are perfect for renewable energy (tidal, wind and wave power) installation.

The ability to ship the buildings whole opens up a much bigger market.

BuzzHouseInstallation1_NOV2015 BuzzHouseInstallation3_12NOV2015

Transportation down smaller – temporary or permanent – inland waterways would be by barge.


Dredged material could be decontaminated and dewatered onshore then brought out to the factory ship on automated barges

Each unit would be printed complete with multiple buoyancy tanks in the double skinned walls of the building. Reinforcing beams, expansion joints, internal walls and floors, doors, windows and even some furnishings also would be inserted by robots during the print process. To give them sufficient structural integrity to survive rolling, occasional bumping during transporation and installation without a foundation, the buildings would have much thicker walls than existing houses. Our calculation estimate that the buildings would contain around 60% more clay than a equivalent bricks and mortar home, but with the raw material cost just being that of extraction, that isn’t as significant as it sounds.

Buying a home is the biggest investment that most families will ever make. Our design enables them to take this investment with them if they secure a better located plot or even just need to move for work. Looking even further forwards, if climate were to make a location less habitable in the future, then they could literally “up sticks and move!”

If you are an individual or business interested in receiving a executive summary and financials, proof of concept results and detailed research (financial, structural and raw material – availability/contamination/energy usage) information, then please get in touch.










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